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€ 130.00


This deeply relaxing, reenergizing signature massage includes both a full body exfoliating scrub and a massage. The session provides a unique sensory experience thanks to OLIGOMER® PHYTOMER legendary active marine ingredient, and its extraordinary remineralizing and strengthening benefits. The head-to-toe exfoliating scrub and massage provide instant rejuvenation and incomparable relaxation. Scrub without shower.

Time 90’

€ 90.00


Through a lovely perfumed ambiance, the massage with oil from hot candles creates a memorable experience. The subtle creamy hot candle oil slides over the body nourishing deeply the skin, while a combination of various massage pressures, stretches and continuous movements, relaxes the muscular system, stimulates the blood microcirculation helping the body to eliminate all the daily stress by inviting you into a joyful sensorial escape.
You have but to choose amongst 3 different natural perfumes, Douceur d’Orient with sandalwood – orange for complete relaxation and harmonization of senses. Charm of Andalusia, with citrus –sunflower, vetiver, for relaxation – revivification of soul, body and mind. Perles de Philippines, with coconut, rosewood, orange, for toning, revitalization, and amplification of energy.

Time 60’

€ 105.00


Enjoy a tropical massage with real shells of the Pacific Ocean that manifest naturally calcium ions, which are transported directly to the skin through the action of heat.
While the hot shells, roll alternately over your body with strong and gentle pressures, they eliminate muscle tension, calm the nervous system, enhance blood circulation and lymph.
Soft with subtle notes of exotic fruits, rich in Vitamin E, the massage oil softens, nourishes and gives shine to your skin.
The uniqueness of Lava Shells Massage is the power of heat, touch and scent. The receptivity between the therapist and client creates an immersive experience.

Time 60’

€ 0